On 8/23/12 this once one man band, now fully staffed, Dogbreth brought some great Arizonan pop punk with folk punk elements to Davis, CA, reminiscent of their fellow statesmen Andrew Jackson Jihad, but with some more power pop riffage.

Dragons also provided some rad, mellow, folky, poppy jams from Arizona.

Davis’ own Young Mings played their second to last show this night. ¬†They played a variety of pop/post punk, best likened to earlier Nick Cave, but with a more contemporary use of effects.

Finally Azeotropes is a one man pop punk/power pop machine that sounds like some sort of lofi bridge between the Toy Dolls and Green Day.

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    I haven’t seen this flier til now, my friend Brian drew it for our most recent show in Davis. He makes really weird and...
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