So I haven’t really posted anything in a while.  So sue me.  I probably won’t post anything tomorrow or the next day either. Whatever.

Here’s a flyer for another Fuckin’ Funny stand-up comedy house show in Davis.  If you can’t figure it out, the picture is of some sort of man-child Nicholas Cage circa Valley Girl fiddling about with little Nicholas Cage’s from Raising Arizona and Weatherman.  Essentially I’m trying to satisfy two requests by making the flyer for these comedians and and complying to theDailyHavis’ request to draw Nicholas Cage drunk.  Well, he’s not necessarily drunk here, but the Nicholas Cage’s are clearly letting loose a little, so why not.

Also, I’m not normally a fan of drawing pop culture stuff, but anything for thedailyhavis.

Here’s the poster from Ennui Trust’s mini Pacific NorthWest tour with Young Mings.  The head in middle was drawn by Evan Clayburg and is clearly the centerpiece of the poster, but I did all the other shit.

The second and last page of “Urnsmasher.”

Here’s the first page of a comic I did for some zine called “Rad Rider.” The zine was all assembled and ready to be printed, but then the guy making it moved away and never made any copies, but hopefully I’ll throw together a zine to put this in.

Here’s a drawing I made for my band.  Don’t have any plans for it, but I’m sure I can use it for something.

Last page of “Mina Saves a Life” from Neuropuddy

Questionyo if you have the time you should draw a picture of drunk nicolas cage Answer

Oh, I’ll make time. Either before or after illustrating Alison’s Red Hot Chili Peppers fan fiction.

The best and 6th page of “Mina Saves a Life” from Neuropuddy.

Continuing to honey drip pages of “Mina Saves a Life” (currently page 5) from the comic zine, Neuropuddy.

"Mina Saves a Life" page 4 from Neuropuddy.